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Which type of pot is best for planting?

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Nowadays, this is rare to find people who do not want the touch of uniqueness & beauty in a fancy like gardening. In that case, the first thing that comes to the list of preferences is a fitting, easy & effective gardening tab or pot. Starting from earthen tubs, plastic pots & now used to decorate fabric pots & plantings. But now fabric pots are at the top of popularity. Due to its drainage system, moisture retention process of planting & accessible carrying capacity. It is perfect for use in maximum demand. Find your choice able planting pot with our review. To know better about this fabric pot is with our review till the end. Let’s get into it.

Difference between plastic pot and fabric pot:

Although plastic pots are commonly used for planting, Fabric pots are safer & easier to use than plastic tubs. Because fabric pot can be easily folded & carried, this is impossible in plastic tubs. Planting in a plastic tub also requires drilling a hole in the bottom to drain the water, which is very annoying, but there is no need to drill a hole in the fabric pot as it is non-woven felt & high-quality thread & water absorbing. Even in a plastic pot, separate plates need to be used to collect drained water from plants which are very unhealthy & anti-environmental. On the other hand, due to the water-saving & drought -resistant system of the fabric pot, there is no problem with water drainage or leakage.

Plastic tubs can accidentally be broken due to being made of plastic or damage for the reason of excess sunlight. Still, for extreme toughness & buckled sewing on the middle side and careful sewing on the bottom, there is no fear of the fabric pot being easily torn or damaged.

How to make a fabric pit at home:

Anyone can make fabric pot at home in any size he/she want. For making a fabric pot at home, it needs. Weed-shield premium landscape fabric for good quality; the thicker, the better than the Nylon sewing thread. For this expert suggests polyester thread is better. Let’s see how.

(1) At first, cut the fabric by your own planned measurement, which deserves what kind of plant you want to keep in it. Before cutting, you can mark this using a measurement scale and pencils or color pencils or pen.

(2) Fold the fabric material & sew the bottom & the side, making a bag.

(3) Fold the corners of the bag & secure them.

(4) Draw two lines to make an inner square; you can make yourself a template to do this.

(5) Sew along the corner lines.

(6) Finish the top of the bag by folding it over once or twice, as you prefer. That’s all for making a fabric pot by own self at home. Now you can decorate your planting with its help.

Harmful site of making fabric pot at home:

Although it is possible to make a fabric pot at home, there are definitely some flaws in it for which you may face various problems in your planting. Such as-

(1)Fabric: Making a fabric pot at home by oneself is not as easy as experts do. For this, you may face problems like choosing fabric correctly. Best fabric choosing is the central part of this fabric pot as most of this pot’s features mainly depend on this fabric. If there remains any fault to make the best choice on material then water leakage may happen, drought-resistant may not be possible also there may remain water bottom of the pot if the fabric is not quality full. So, you have to notice this properly.

(2)Measurement: Also, this is mainly important to measuring the fabric first depending on your choosing plant for that particular fabric pot. This measurement must be ensuring before sewing the pot; otherwise, the material may be getting ruined. So, without measuring sewing, a perfect fabric pot could be wrong. It may cause uncertainty for plant growth. This also may cause scarcity of soil and water, which may require plant growth.

(3)Sewing: Perfect sewing is the essential part of perfect fabric pot making. As it is a water-saving, well drainage system maintaining pot, it can be mistaken for the groom’s features. Perfect sewing mainly refers to pot’s perfection, so it’s most important to make it properly useable.


To decorate your garden with fancy, you can choose this fabric pot to ornament the yard, terrace, or corner of your house with this fantastic planting pot. No doubt is using this fabulous planting pot; you will get perfect satisfaction in your incredible hobby like gardening. Don’t worry; you may not regret further choosing this pot as your gardening essential.


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